Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Callenge of the Day: Set Summer Goals

I discovered a new website that I have been sifting through (credits to marthastewart.com).


And one of the things they have is called "Challenge of the Day" and being the official first day of summer (technically it was over 30 minutes ago, but whatever. let's pretend it's still June 21st), I thought I'd give it a shot!

Day 1: Set Summer Goals

My goal (which has been my goal all summer) is to lose 10 pounds by the first day of pharmacy school. I will do this by...

1) Exercising once a day for at least 30 minutes. This will include working :)
2) Chew slower. Savor the smell, look, and taste of each bite.
3) Smaller portions by using smaller plates.
4) Don't snack right before dinner

Good luck to me, haha.

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