Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Las Vegas Strip: Caesar's Palace and Bellagio

We went to the Strip multiple times during the trip, so this is just the first round :)

I've been to Caesar's Palace multiple times and in never ceases to amaze me with the artistry and glamor of the place. This is my trip to Europe without leaving the continent.

The Forum Shops are filled with the most glamorous and expensive stores you could imagine. There are so many European stores with names I've never heard of before. But my sister, mom and I definitely helped ourselves to channeling Sarah Jessica Parker and tried on some Choos :)

I tried on $1310 pair of Choos... nbd.

From the outside:

From the casino:

The new mommy is still beautiful :)

If I 1) had money 2) had room in my suitcase 3) lost weight, I would have bought everything in this store.

There's just a Rolls Royce chillin' out in the valet... nbd.

I feel like Ocean's 11 made the Bellagio water fountain show so popular, and rightly so! I could stay here all night and let myself become immersed in the water and the music.

Here's my dad's video of the show we saw:

There are even more stores inside the hotel, including Chanel, Gucci, and more. This is actually where my mom bought her Chanel sunglasses for $_00. No pictures from insde on this trip, no time!

Tip: If you are on a tight budget (aka student), gamble off the strip. Every hotel in Vegas has a casino, but the trick is their minimums are much lower ($3-$5 Blackjack, eyooo!). On the strip they are $15-$50 (unless you want to be a highroller)

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