Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pharm Phrustration of the Day

People think that even though there aren't customers in line, we're not busy.

So they come up to our registers with carts filled with all of their crap and say:
"You guys busy? Can I pay here? There's a line up front"

Yes we're busy, but all I can say is "Yes, you can pay here."

But what I'm really thinking is "Get your lazy ass back up to the front and wait in line like everyone else. This is the PHARMACY where you pick up your PRESCRIPTIONS. I have other shit to do."

And those include:
1) Filling hundreds of prescriptions
2) Typing dozens of prescriptions
3) Doing business activities (won't go into details)
4) Answering phone calls
5) Helping drive-thru

I could have been doing all of the above while I help the annoying person with over $100 worth of front store items, who thinks that all I do is ring people out.

Unless we're sitting and talking to each other, not looking at a computer, or on a phone, don't assume we're not doing anything.

Thank you!

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