Thursday, July 7, 2011

Changing schools is complicated.

For my own mental organization, here is a list of everything I have done/have to do to to transition into UNC:

-Send high school transcripts (why? I have no idea)
-Send UF transcripts
-Send BCC transcripts (for my ONE class I took in high school, blah)
-Send AP exam scores
-Get 2 TB tests done after March 31st, and 1 to 3 weeks apart
-Get a Varicella titer* (since I've had the chicken pox before)
-Get a Hepatitis B titer*
-Send immunization results/records to the University
-Send immunization results/records to School of Pharmacy (yes, it is separate)
-Set up utilities in new apartment
-Get renter's insurance (required?!)
-Transfer car to my name
-Get car insurance
-Set up store transfer to a CVS in Chapel Hill
-Apply for promotion to intern at CVS in Chapel Hill
-Buy textbooks
-Buy a clicker for class (noooo, not these again!)
-Read Anatomy of Hope for summer reading (to be discussed with faculty adviser at beginning of class, WHAT?!)
-Obtain UNC One Card (going to miss using my Gator1 =[ )
-Complete plagiarism training module
-Complete OSHA training

Oh and I forgot... I still have to pack up my life!!!

The only way to get through this list is one-by-one. Luckily (heh) I have done a lot of things on this list already. So no worries, right?

*Titers test for immunity of something. So since I am claiming to have had the chicken pox, and didn't get a vaccine, I need a titer to test if I actually am immune.

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