Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Took Medical Terminology exam today and it was such a breeze. That's a relief.

Then I had the rest of the day to be productive and study for biochemistry... but of course, I didn't. Why is that? It's so frustrating. Maybe my mind needed its break. Although it's not like it was so strained from the med term.

I made an account on dailyburn.com, which will maybe/hopefully/God please let it help me to actually shed off this belly. I used to be so proud and excited that whenever I gained weight, it would go only to my thighs and my hips. But now I guess they have reached their limit and it's starting to go directly to my stomach, and creeping into my arms. It's depressing to be heavier than I've ever been before. I hate that it can't be an easy fix, but maybe it will help to build character. Blah.

At least I did something to study for biochemistry... I memorized all of the steps to glycolysis. It seems like nothing compared to what I will have to teach myself over the next 7 days. Should be an interesting feat, but at least I won't have anything going on this weekend. Hopefully that means I'll be able to study study study and work out.

The Buried Life seems like a good concept. I wonder what kinds of things I want to do before I die... I never really thought about it. Probably because nothing on my list would be very attainable.

I decided that my dream career is to be a pharmacist and to be part of the local community orchestra in the evenings. That sounds quite wonderful.


Over and out.

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