Sunday, May 2, 2010


Blah blah blah...

So I haven't written in quite a long time. The spring semester is over and it's currently summer break before Summer A session starts. I've just been working and such.

And now for some random updates...

-Got my tax refund from 2008! $524! I'm so excited about it. Unfortunately, I feel like my paycheck just isn't as valuable as it used to be. Life is expensive.

-Errol is in Texas right now having a blast shadowing every doctor/surgery he can. I'm so excited for him that he gets this experience.

-Have to start applying to Pharmacy schools now. Delayed it long enough, and now the dreaded time is here. When I let myself think about it, I get pretty terrified.

-Stu is leaving for New York tomorrow for his internship for the entire summer. I'm actually pretty sad about it. With Michelle never home, I'll be here by myself all summer. And usually he and I talk a few times a day. And if Michelle comes back to the apartment for the summer, then I'll be really terrified of more fighting without Stu as my buffer from her wrath.

-I'm Phi Sig's Dance Marathon chair!!!! I'm so excited, yet terrified at the same time. Basically every failure and success rests on my shoulders. I'm by myself for the fall, and another one joins in the spring, but it's always the year-long's baby. I'm so excited about it. Ahhhhh. It's basically going to take over my entire senior year, probably.

-My amazing Little did not get voted in. Fucking fraternity. This hit me really hard and I don't know if she'll rush again, but I really really really want her to. Ahhh, too many tears for this organization.

-Currently I'm on a Sex and the City binge. Watching random seasons, watched the movie last night. Sex and the City 2 will be coming out this month. Can't wait.

-Turning 21 this month! Crazy. I feel old, I don't want this birthday to come.

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