Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thankful for many things.

My birthday is officially over, and I would say that this was one of the good ones in college. My 19th and 20th were not up to par with what my family always did for me. Huge parties, lots of love, etc. I mean my 18th birthday was in our town Civic Center.

Coming to UF I had to spend my birthdays away from family and it I ended up spending my birthdays working in a lab or doing a wedding gig.


21st birthday was, needless to say, crazy. But it was definitely the first birthday since I was home that I thoroughly enjoyed (and might I say, barely remember).

22nd birthday was quite calmer than the debauchery that was turning 21, but super fun. Good friends like Megan and drinking BlackJack. I really liked the drinking BlackJack because it was a good amount of drinking but not too much like in F*ck the Dealer.

Rules of the game are as follows:
-You BUST, drink for 5 seconds.
-You LOSE, drink for 1 second.
-You get BLACKJACK, give 5 seconds away.

And the betting is the same way as any other BlackJack.

Try it!

And now for a complete subject change...

I've been watching Army Wives and it made my thankful for a lot of things. Don't poke fun; it's a good tear-jerker for women and I can really relate to a lot of the issues (at least non-army-related ones).

And it made me thankful for many things. Obviously a few posts ago I was quite sad, but that was when Errol was in Vegas and I was sitting on my ass all day long doing nothing.

But now I feel like I'm in a really good place. I've got my new apartment with Errol, working consistently without worrying about classes, planning my moving and shopping lists for the new place, and more.

So no reason to be sad!

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