Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birthday Card From Dad

I received birthday cards from my little sister, mom, and dad.

But my dad's is the one that made me tear up:

Daughter, I love who you are today...

Believe it or not,
when you were little,
I never quite imagined this far ahead.
I was too busy,
caught up in the excitement
of the moment.
Your world was my world -
happy, delightful, amazing.
And it appeared
things would go on that way forever.

Then, almost overnight,
you seemed to change.
Before I knew it,
you were practically out the door.
Driving. Dating.
Hanging out with friends.
Quickly becoming a young woman.
It's still hard for me to comprehend
how we got from there to here.

But here we are.
And you know what?
As it turns out, here is good. Very good.
Because every wonderful quality
I loved in you as a little girl
is still a part of who you are today.
And now that you're out there in the world
living life on your own terms,
you remain a wonderful part of my world.
You always will.

Happy birthday

I love you always,

June 19th is Father's Day!
What will you get your dad?


  1. Beautiful words! It's always special when you Dad expresses that amount of sentiment. It had me tearing up too :)

  2. It's awesome when Hallmark cards express what you can't write yourself, especially for Dads :)