Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cook-ventures: From Asia to Turkey

Over the past week or so there have been a decent amount of cook-ventures!

-Omitted: seitan, ginger, yellow bell pepper
-Sauces can be found at any grocery store (Publix, Sweetbay, etc.) but I buy mine at Asian Food Market in the same plaza as Red Mango on SW 34 St.

-Omitted: bean sprouts, red chilies, coriander/cilantro, lime.
-Used chicken thighs, but would probably use breast next time.
-Used PREPARED pad thai sauce in Asian Food Market. Noodles can be found there as well!
-Don't worry about the noodles being a little hard when you start to stir fry. Add water a few teaspoonsful at a time to get the consistency as you want!

Then, as a special treat from Errol after a long day of work and my last night in town until going to Melbourne for a long time...

-Used gyro meat from Gyro Plus in the same plaza by CiCi's Pizza on Archer. You can just ask them for a pound and take it home!
-Greek yogurt should be plain

And then the next morning I got surprised with another Turkish meal...

Served with fried egg

-Fried the sausage, then fried the egg in the same pan for more flavor
-No need to add salt to the egg! Chop up the egg and eat with the sausage.

It has been a diverse, worldly round of cook-ventures this week! I encourage you to try some of these recipes; trust me, they are super easy and very flavorful. No need to follow a recipe exactly! Use what you have, and improvise as needed. That's the beauty of cooking :)

Until next time!

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