Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pharmacy Phrustrations

Here are some things that community pharmacy has to deal with every day:

*Ring Ring*

"Thank you for calling CVS/Pharmacy, this is Erin how may I help you?"

"I have a prescription for Oxycodone 30 mg, 180 of them. I've been asking a lot of pharmacies and they don't have it in stock. Could you tell me if you do? I'm in a lot of pain and really need it filled."

"One moment, let me check the books."

*Put on hold and do something else. Usually fill one prescription in the meantime*

"I'm sorry sir/ma'am, but we have had trouble getting that in our order."

"Do you know any other pharmacy that might have it in stock? I've literally been trying everywhere."

"Unfortunately they wouldn't tell me if they did."

*Customer hangs up*

a) We will NEVER say that information over the phone.

b) If you're getting that much oxy, you're definitely an addict. Not gonna fill it.

2) Can you read these Rx's?

I saw these from Pharmacy Times and found them so entertaining because these are REAL scripts. I was able to make out the first 2, only because I recognize parts of the names. But the rest... God only knows. See article to find out answers :)

a) To all future and current Doctors, either type them up, call them in, or send ERx's!
b) You're not licensed to guess!

3) "Why do I have to pay? I have Medicaid"
"I'm sorry, Medicaid doesn't pay for vitamins. Your prescription is $0.95"

a) People are selfish.
b) Go walk the streets and find some change on the ground!

These are just some of the phrustrations we have to deal with on a regular basis :)
Don't get me wrong, I really love my job as a technician! Sometimes people just treat you like shit and forget you're a person too.

But anyone in customer service jobs can relate.


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  1. MDs seriously write like that. You need a translator to read their orders! I'm loving these blog updates :)