Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Las Vegas: Day 1

Last night I arrived home after work around 11PM, then didn't sleep until about 1:30AM due to habit. Then was swiftly re-awoken at 4AM to leave for the airport.

After a flight to Memphis, layover, and another to Vegas, we arrived at 11AM. Does that mean our flight was only 4 hours long? Nope, hello 3-hour time difference :)

The temperature isn't any worse here than in Florida, and I honestly prefer the dryness to the humidity (who wouldn't?).

The first thing we did, staying true to being Filipinos, was go to Jolibee. It was like we had flown to the Philippines and not Las Vegas. The cashier spoke to my mom in Tagalog and not an American in sight.

Here's a little taste of Filipino fast food:

Breakfast menu! Yes, we eat spam, corned beef, and sausage for breakfast.

Filipino spaghetti has different twists from the Italian/American version. It's made with ground beef, but not in meatball form just put in with the sauce. Also it has slices of hot dog (sounds weird, but it's good) and has a bit of sugar added for a sweeter flavor. And it looks like that's shredded cheddar cheese melted on top instead of parmesan.
Only Asian fast food would combine rice and fried chicken!
Mom had Pancit Palabok, a rice noodle dish.

And of course for dessert... Halo-Halo

For dinner, we had continental buffet at Rio. Connections really come in handy when you don't have wait in the looooooong lines and you get to sneak in through the exit haha. It was literally food from all over the world.

A little summary... but in order to understand for yourself, you need to be there.

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  1. Jolibee looks delicious! Hope you're having a wonderful time. Win some moolah!!!