Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not my highest point...

Now today would definitely not be categorized as my most favoritest of days, or weeks actually.

Yes, I got to camp out with my family in a fresh new apartment, free of bitch roommates and 2-week old trash smell from said roommate. But there are just so many things that went wrong...:

-Precious iTouch that Errol bought me for our 1-year anniversary was stolen during Science Quest. Definitely makes me extremely sad whenever I think about it.
-Got towed yesterday for the first time in 4 years. $80 down the drain for a 30-minute park job. Bastards. So now currently have less than $20 to my name. Hopefully tomorrow is a decent pay day?
-AC in my upstairs room doesn't work. 10 degree difference between my room and the rest of the apartment.
-Bazillion degree weather outside, lifting heavy objects.
-Toilet clogged from cleaners (said emergency maintenance guy) putting paper towels in the toilet. Overflowed all over the tiles and almost reached the carpet until we stopped it with one of my bath towels and it finally stopped flowing.
-Went downstairs to notice water dripping from the kitchen light fixture, conveniently right below my overflowing toilet. All of the tiles wet, water stains on the walls.
-Took an hour for maintenance to finally come and fix it all. By that time it was 11PM and I was way too tired to clean after 2 days of strenuous moving. Plus there's a huge professional dehumidifier in the kitchen preventing mold from building up in my walls, so I couldn't even clean the kitchen yet.
-Still no internet set up at Museum Walk. So I am staying at Errol's and still haven't slept in my own room of my own apartment. Although that is always a nice time, so it's the silver lining there.
-One more homework assignment for Bioethics course still to do... 'nuff said.

Ah jeez, now I am just a big fat complainer. I must stop seeming like a victim. However, this is my blog and I'll do what I want =].

Ok ok ok, here are my positive spins:

-New chord came in the mail for my external hard drive so now I can watch all of the movies again that I had in there. Currently watching Sex and the City Season 2 Episode 12 where Carrie freaks out on Big for leaving for Paris without telling her that he might possibly be gone for a year. I love Sarah Jessica Parker. Oh, also the episode where a shoe salesman orgasms from letting Charlotte try on new pairs of shoes. Gotta love it.
-Once I clean up the tiles of the bathroom and kitchen, I'll be able to set up my kitchen and bedroom just the way I want it. Got rid of a lot of my clutter from the old apartment and I'm hoping that means my room will stay cleaner! And excited to use my new Pampered Chef items from my mom! Especially my ultimate mandolin =]
-Had a wonderful time with a my family and Errol, and ate good dinner at Sake Cafe.
-Turns out the tenants below me had it worse off than me. I just had drips coming out of the light fixture, but they had water flowing out of their bathroom vents. From my toilet. I'm such a good neighbor.
-Only ONE MORE day of Bioethics homework. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY.

I'm ready for a good rest tonight for a busy day organizing and cleaning, things I actually enjoy, especially when I'm setting up a new year. I'm excited. Although not looking forward to cleaning the old apartment. Bitch roommate better come back and help out. Although I don't really want to ever see her again.

PCAT is looming...

Good night, world.

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