Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Study break!

Been studying for the PCAT all day, trying to improve my awful vocabulary. So far learned laudatory, obstinate, ephemeral, churl, miser, sanguine, truculent, and ameliorating. Hate. hate. verbal. Wish the PCAT could just be science, math, and reading. Oh well.

The new apartment is going a lot better now. Maintenance came to check up on my AC and went to the attic to try to fix it. Then the General Manager came to take a look at my room a few hours later and realized something was really wrong and would send maintenance again! Felt so special...

Stu and I speny all day yesterday painting and deep cleaning the entire apartment (notice another roommate missing from the equation) thinking that our move-out appointment was today. Woke up at 8AM to get there early to do any last minute touch-ups and realized at 8:55AM that our appointment was tomorrow! Guess the joke was on us, but it turned out great because we at least got everything done. Only bad part is another early day =[. And our cars are now filled because we're too lazy/exhausted to empty them.

On a tangent, not gonna lie... Vampires Suck looks HILARIOUS.

Back to topic, still haven't completely unpacked. There are things that need to get out of my apartment, such as the 6 bins of test bank that needs to go to the new A&S chairs ASAP. Also, I have a huge walk-in closet but no shelves inside to put my non-hanging clothes. So all of my clothes are in boxes still, and I have no idea what I'm going to do!

Was supposed to get paid a nice phat paycheck on Friday from Science Quest counseling, but someone screwed up and now I'm not going to get it for another 2 weeks. Not happy!

Anyways, 1 episode and 15 minutes left before the season finale of Pretty Little Liars. Don't hate, it's a guilty pleasure =]


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  1. VAMPIRES SUCK looks hilarious, yet SCOTT PILGRIM is stupid and unentertaining? I fear the Erin I used to know is gone forever.